Snowflake Showcase

Snowflake virtual swap card - w my wm
Do you love snowflakes at Christmastime as much as I do?

Sweet, sparkling snowflakes evoke the nostalgia of a "white Christmas" - even when the reality of snow manages to complicate certain elements and transportation logistics of our modern-day lives. (Like even GETTING to Grandma's house in time for Christmas dinner, for instance. And especially if there might be mountains involved between oneself and one's destination.) Nevertheless, we love the concept of the silent and pristine white blanket all around... and the beautiful patterns snowflakes make, whether individually or en masse. 

So, if you're a snowflake lover like I am, I'll bet you'll be thrilled with what Stampin' Up! has created for us this month!

"Snowflake Showcase" is an exclusive set of 5 products designed to appeal specifically to those of us who count ourselves among snowflake-admirers. These 5 items will be available for the month of November only - and only while supplies last. No, they're not in any catalog, but will be available through the online store as long as inventories hold out. (Or until November 30th, whichever occurs first.)

This gorgeous collection consists of 2 stamp sets, a set of dies, and a couple of accessory items. No bundled pricing this time around... which means that you can pick and choose your favorites - as long as they're still available. And if one item runs out, there won't be concerns about having to 86 an entire bundle just because that item might have been part of it.

For those of you young-uns who might be reading this, waaaayyyy back when I used to wait tables in a restaurant, the term "86" meant to delete a menu item because we'd run out of it. It wasn't uncommon on a busy dinner shift to hear a cook holler out from the kitchen, "86 the bakers!" Which meant we servers were not to take any more orders for baked potatoes because we'd just run out of them.

Now, according to Google, that term isn't used much anymore these days - not even in restaurants. Frankly, I don't know if that's true or not (kinda makes me wonder what they holler out *nowadays* when they run out of baked potatoes, lol), but I've continued to use the term, and I've heard it used a number of times outside of restaurant-speak over the years, as well.

(This piece of restaurant nostalgia brought to you by Denny's, cir. early 1970's.)

Ok, so back to the Snowflake Showcase...

Here are the 5 fun products that are part of this exclusive opportunity. Note that the die set includes shapes that coordinate with each of the stamp sets, and that amazing set of dies includes 20 of 'em!

And hang onto your stocking caps, 'cuz you won't want to miss the white velveteen sheets, either!


Now, I've got something else in store for you, too! About mid-November, I'll be sending out a special email to everyone who has purchased even one item from this collection (through me, of course), and this email will be filled with Snowflake Showcase project ideas - including the step-by-step tutorials for each one of 'em! 

So THERE is a very good idea for ordering your Snowflake Showcase products early in the month. But here's another...

Remember I said that they'd only be available "while supplies last"? Well, we already know these are going to be popular! Which means the odds of one or more of the items running out of supply is likely. So the earlier in the month you order yours, the greater the likelihood you'll get your hands on the items your heart is set on. (AND the longer you'll have to use your new goodies this winter season, too!)

So in case you haven't noticed, I don't recommend waiting very long to get your favorites from the Snowflake Showcase.  In fact, you can do it right now at!

And then keep an eye out for your special email filled with project ideas - arriving around the middle of November!

Happy 30th Birthday, Stampin' Up!

Birthday Sale

Wow! 30 Years! Thru thick and thin. Thru all the ups and downs of national economies, natural and man-caused disasters, and an exceptionally ill-timed UPS strike! And I'm both amazed and proud to have been part of the adventure for 3/4 of those years!

Many (most?) of you have already heard my story: 

I was invited to a "stamp" party by my best friend - way back in January of 1996. As I had nothing else to do that night, and after all it was being hosted by my BEST friend, and yeah, I did use stamps up in the right-hand corner of all the envelopes I mailed out regularly (remember, this was back in the days when you hand-wrote checks to pay your bills and mailed them through the postal system), so I showed up, figuring I'd could buy some stamps from her party 'cuz I used 'em practically every day anyway!

Well, man-o-man was I ever in for a surprise! The party didn't turn out to be about POSTAGE stamps, it was about ART stamps! Decorative stamps, which, when combined with beautiful colors of ink, could turn plain white cardstock into an absolute work of art! 

Back in those days the only person at such an event who ever touched the goodies was the demonstrator, so I never laid a finger on a stamp that night. But I left that party already knowing I was a rubber stamper. I was totally over the moon - without ever even having touched a stamp or ink pad. In fact, I was SO excited I confess to having immediately hunted down a "stamp" store in town so I could get my first "fix" before my Stampin' Up! order even arrived!

But 4 months later, I was a demonstrator. Getting a discount on everything I purchased through Stampin' Up!, so my retail stamp store infatuation faded real quick.

My plan was to purchase a personal party's worth of stamps each month for 6 months. (Back then a "qualifying party" to earn you free host product, was $100.) So I would purchase $100 worth of product (at discount) AND get free host goodies every month - for those 6 months - and then quit. Surely $600-worth of supplies would provide all the stampin' supplies I'd ever need in a lifetime, right? 

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to my quitting date. I made the "mistake" of attending a Stampin' Up! Convention, and absolutely fell head over heels in love with the COMPANY! So instead of coming home and quitting, I came home and planned an open house. And the next 2+ decades of my life took an amazing, but unpredicted, turn.

Fast forward more than 22 years, and Stampin' Up! has touched the lives of almost everyone I know these days, in one form or another. I've moved to new states twice (which means I've "started" my business 3 times). And life has changed, too. When I first started out, my son (then about 12 years old) went with me to every party. He was my right-hand man, carried and set up my gear, spoke of the world's colors in Stampin' Up! lingo, knew the names of all the products, sorted and bagged orders for me, and even eventually learned how to submit orders for me. But eventually, he grew up. A busy high school schedule, college, then marriage, and now 3 kids. And most recently, my life has included several years of caring for aging parents, which has significantly impacted the time I've had available to attend to my stampin' business. So now I'm rebooting it yet AGAIN, lol.

Along the way, our forms of "demonstration" have evolved, too. I still do hands-on classes, which I love, and David still helps me set up for booth events when he can, but much of my daily work is now done over the internet. I have a team of demonstrators who live in several different states, so when we "meet", it's online. Who'd have envisioned THAT back in 1996?!?!

But here we are.... still creating art with stamps and ink, and still looking forward to the future. Do I dare wonder what even 10 years from NOW might look like?

Birthday Sale - 1

So! Birthdays call for celebrations, don't they?!? And for Stampin' Up!'s 30th birthday, what would make more sense than a SALE on stamps?!? So that's exactly what they're doing - for 24 hours only - Tuesday, October 23rd. (Note, those are MOUNTAIN TIME hours!) So check your wishlists and help yourself - at 

Birthday Sale - 2

September's Paper Pumpkin Kit - Spookily Cute!

Ok, I've never made a big secret out of the fact that I'm not exactly a Halloween fan. I have no affinity for some of the blood and gore that's become popular over the years, nor for teens or even adults trick-or-treating door to door. 

But when I was young, we dressed in elaborate animal costumes that Mom had sewn for us from fake fur, and it was tons of fun to trick-or-treat until we hit somewhere around age 10 or so. (At which time we were still permitted to dress in costume, but then became the candy-hander-outers at our own front door.)

Nonetheless, I am still charmed by the "cute" element of little kids dressed in darling costumes, as well as friends sharing seasonal treats with one another. And I always appreciate the "gentler" way in which Stampin' Up!® presents Halloween. 

This year's Halloween Paper Pumpkin kit (the September box) was fun from the get-go. Packed in a special shiny black box adorned with white spiders and webs, it teased me to open it right away. Granted, it's taken me a while to complete the projects, as I've only worked on them for a few minutes at a time ('cuz I figured I really had until late October before I actually needed to complete them anyway). But the more progress I made, the more I grinned. These treat bags toppers are just too adorable! Anyway, at the time I'm writing this, I've got all the elements assembled as far as I can go - until I hit up the candy aisle at my local store in the next day or so and decide what treats will go into these little bags.

All 24 of them! 

YES! This kit had supplies to make 24 treat bags! Talk about a generous kit! Everything was included that I needed to assemble these, except for the treats themselves. (Well, I did also use Stampin' Up!'s newest must-have tool, the "Take Your Pick" tool, (page 30 of your Holiday Catalog), and of course my current VERY favorite tool, the Stamparatus.) And the bonus is that there are STILL elements left over that I'll be able to use on additional cards or other projects!

Now, are you perhaps wishing you might be able to make these delightful little treat bags, too? Well, for those of you who for one reason or another didn't get September's kit, OR for those of you who got the kit but wish you could make more than 24 treat bags, I've got good news for ya. As of today (while supplies last, of course), both the full kits and refill kits, are available in my online store - for current Paper Pumpkin subscribers to purchase. But what if you're not already a current subscriber? Well, I've gotcha covered with that; you can fix that dilemma in just a couple of minutes right here. 

The full kit includes everything that subscribers received in September - including the stamp set, ink, and consumables... while the refill kit includes only the consumable stuff to make 24 additional bags.

Stampin' Up!'s Paper Pumpkin kits seem to get better and better every month, and there's always a huge buzz of excitement online every month as we subscribers scurry to our mailboxes for our first glimpse of that month's craft project. Why not join the fun?!? If you're not yet a subscriber, now's a great time to jump in because.... not only will you be able to purchase THIS kit at my online store right now, but rumor has it that the upcoming kit (which will ship around mid-November) will help out with that Christmas card thing. And who couldn't use a little help in THAT department, too?

Oh! And the October kit? It's "in the mail" as they say; about to show up in our mailboxes any day now, and MAY offer a refill kit at my online store in a couple of weeks, too. And as a subscriber, you'd be able to purchase that kit, too.

Want to learn more about either September's Halloween kit OR the "Take Your Pick" tool? Be sure to watch the video at the top of this post!

Paper Pumpkin Mash-up

There are lots of reasons crafters enjoy Stampin' Up!'s Paper Pumpkin program: it delivers a crafting surprise to your mailbox every month, introduces products that sometimes go on to show up in the regular line later, offers color combinations you might never have tried, and so many more. Personally, I particularly appreciate getting a new stamp set every month that often compliments others I already own. And these projects are perfect examples of that.

Both the gift bag and the "Hooray" card came from this month's Paper Pumpkin kit. I was immediately captivated by the bright, fun colors in this kit, and sat down to assemble every element immediately. (June's kit included enough supplies for 4 gift bags, tags & tissues + 6 coordinating cards with envelopes..... and as usual, sufficient extra elements to use on future projects, too.)

I knew right away who would be the first recipient of one of my bag/card combos, but the occasion called for a little bit different sentiment on the tag than those that came with the kit. So a quick exploration of my stamp sets turned up "So excited to see you!" - from "Marquee Messages". 

Visit and click on "How it works" to learn more about Paper Pumpkin. And if you decide you'd like to try a subscription (either month-to-month or prepaid), please select my name - Lynda Glassmoyer (Post Falls, ID) - if the system asks for the name of a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. (Thank you kindly for choosing me.)

I can't say as I've ever really been captivated by the color Emerald Envy; it reminds me of Glorious Green, from oh, SO many years ago..... which only saw daylight at my place around Christmastime. But when this kit paired Emerald Envy with Melon Mambo for this charming watermelon, well, ok, I had to admit I liked it. In fact I liked it so well I had to keep using it, even after all the elements of this Paper Pumpkin kit had been assembled!

Watermelon thank you

So here's the next thing I made a pile of..... using not only the same colors and watermelon stamp from June's kit, but a sentiment from April's Paper Pumpkin kit, along with a "wreath" die from Santa's Sleigh Thinlits. (The die proved perfect for taking a "bite" out of the watermelon!) And having taken a queue from last year's "Pop of Pink" Designer Series Paper (retired), I've come to really love pairing Melon Mambo with Basic Black. Talk about making a statement! So a strip of each color anchors the bottom of the card, and the watermelon and sentiment elements are then balanced with a set of 3 small rhinestones. A very basic card with a big helping of sass, don'tcha think?

Oh, and did you know that if you're already a subscriber to Paper Pumpkin you can get a refill for the consumable elements of the kit? (While supplies last, that is.)  As of today, the refill for June's kit is still available in my online store here - for only $8 US.

Another "under $80" card - Painted Petals

$80 products logo - tipped leftIn my last post I shared about our recent team swap challenge and featured a card sample that was very similar to the one I submitted for our swap. Today I've got another one using that very same stamp set (Painted Petals - from the Occasions Catalog), but highlighting different stamps and colors. AND it's ALSO under 80-bucks ($74.65) and makes 20 cards with envelopes, too..... making a great choice for a new stamper. 

But the combination of flowers and leaves I've used on this card can prove a little bit tricky to get aligned until you're familiar with how they fit together. So I do recommend either choosing the totally clear photopolymer option - or plan to get the Stamp-a-ma-jig involved if you've got clear-mount or wood-mount. Either way will workP4200162---500---copyright.

For this card, which is stamped on one of our notecards that come 20 to a package and include coordinating envelopes, I stamped the 3-line image twice across the lower part of the card, and then stamped the "thank you" words before tackling the flowers. (This helped me decide where to put the flowers, and at what angle.)

As to the flowers, here are some tips for getting them in place - and aligned.

First, if you've chosen the photopolymer version of this stamp set, make sure you've not got a "boo-boo" set. The first few sets to roll out the warehouse door when this set was first brand-new were cut incorrectly, and each flower was cut apart from its neighbors. But there are *supposed* to be only 13 individual stamps in this set; if you've got more than that, you'll want to contact the demonstrator through whom you purchased your stamps and arrange for an exchange.

Once you've determined your stamp set is ok, select and mount these 2 stamps - a set of flowers and a set of stems and leaves. I used a "D" block for the leaves and an "H" for the flowers. (Included in the price mentioned above.)

Painted Petals - flowers

Painted Petals - leaves






I like to begin by orienting my leaves as shown above. Working with this orientation seems to be the key to the whole thing, for me. Note the single stem is at the left; shown with the pink circle. Go ahead and stamp your leaves.

Now the flowers get placed in that very same orientation; the single bud goes at the end of the single stem. Here's what it looks like when they're matched up. See how the other flowers fit in around the other stems and leaves? You may havePainted Petals - together to move or rotate your flowers slightly to get it just right. If your hands are unsteady or it seems particularly awkward, it's probably time to pull out the Stamp-a-ma-jig.

Once everything was stamped, I simply finished off the card with a bow. Pretty quick and easy - once you figure out how the flowers and leaves work together!

Have fun!


Product List

Glue Dots

April's swap challenge - under 80-bucks

$80 products logo - tipped leftOne of perks I love about being a demonstrator is participating in the fun events that both Stampin' Up! (the company) and our various teams sponsor. One of the events my team (Paper Dreamers) holds is a monthly card swap - usually centered around a specific theme. For this month's Card Swap I challenged everyone to create a card that could be made with $80 or less in product (not counting s/h & tax). Something a total novice stamper could make from start to finish.

Ok, so I'll bet you're already thinking, "So that's not too tough", right? You just throw in a small set of stamps, some cardstock and ink, and you could whip something up for half of that, huh? Well, noooo, not exactly..... because not only did we have to choose a versatile stamp set, but also had to consider that a new stamper would have to purchase any required tools and accessories, too. (Um, and oh yeah, don't forget that one-time purchase of acrylic blocks, if necessary - and gotta include envelopes!) Ok, so because of those restrictions we WERE permitted to assume use of ordinary household supplies such as basic scissors, pencils and rulers. But all "craft" type stuff had to come from Stampin' Up! and be included in the $80 budget.

As I expected, this turned out to be quite the challenge for those of us accustomed to just pulling out whatever we have in our craft rooms. In fact, it may have been the toughest swap challenge I've ever proposed. (Based on the numbers of questions that arose while everyone was working on their designs.) But in the end, our swappers came through with flying colors and turned in amazing results! I'm super, duper proud of those who accepted this challenge!

Now personally, I got kind of excited about the whole concept and didn't stop at just 1 design; in fact, as long as I was in that $80 mode, I made 3. (But then if you know me at all, you already assumed that, huh?) And then once the swap cards arrived I put together a display of several of them so you'll be able to see that at my next gig.



Here's one similar to what I included in the swap; it squeaks in at just under the limit - at $79.60 in product - and yields 20 cards with envelopes.

For my design I knew I really wanted to simulate the effect of layers of cardstock, but the budget wasn't up for allowing multiple colors of real cardstock. So I called on one of my "go to" techniques: adding color to white cardstock with a dauber or sponge. (In this case, I used 2 of the 5 daubers in a package: one for Daffodil Delight and the other for Rich Razzleberry.)

And I do love the versatility of that Painted Petals stamp set, so naturally the next card in this $80 series featured that, too.

And hey! Before I close out today, just wanted to remind y'all that the list of retiring products is due out tomorrow (Tuesday, April 21). So that means that TODAY is the best day to grab those "gotta have" items that may still be on your wish list, because once they get published to "THE LIST", the most popular ones are prone to selling out in a flash! So take a few moments today to review your wish list (especially regarding ribbons & trims, punches, Project Life by Stampin' Up!® and anything in the 2013 - 2015 In-Colors) and seriously consider ordering them today!

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