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Ok, so we're the better part of a day into Stampin' Up!'s Holiday Catalog Closeout period, and it's been plenty crazy. Turns out that while Stampin' Up! tried to make things simple by listing out everything in the online store, there are SO many things there it can seem completely overwhelming.

So I'm gonna try to simplify it a bit here - so you can mark up your catalog accordingly if you're into such things. (Personally, I make notes all OVER my catalogs - all throughout the season. But that might just be because my brain is old, and so is my rememberer, lol.)

But first, here's something I need to clarify:

When you first look at the lists in the online store (, you'll probably notice a WHOLE bunch of "bundles" listed. But then as you study things a little closer, you may notice that some of the individual items in those bundles are not included in the closeout! WHAT is going on here?? (See the examples highlighted in yellow, above, for an example.) Well, it is typical for "bundles" to go away at the close of the catalog in which they originally appeared. It doesn't necessarily mean that the individual products included in the bundle will be retiring, but just that the "special bundle pricing" is retiring. So the bundle may get listed as retiring, when it's entirely possible the individual products are not. So before you panic, take a deep breath and keep reading.

Strategy tip #1: If a bundle you've had your eye on is retiring, and the bundle is still available for purchase, certainly now would be an excellent time to claim it while there's a bit of a discount because of the "bundled pricing". However, if one of the elements of that bundle has already sold out, ask yourself how important it is to you to actually have both elements. (For example, would you want the stamp set without the dies? Or vice-versa? Think about that carefully before you purchase just the remaining element of the bundle.) I've seen again and again the situation where someone has gone ahead and purchased the one item available, expecting to pick up the other piece (usually the dies set) on the secondary market - but then can't find it *anywhere*! (And then they call me in desperation, hoping I can locate it for them - but I don't have magical powers either, darn it.) But the reason that 2nd item isn't available anywhere is because the relatively few people who did get it aren't yet ready to let it go - because either they're still using it, and/or they probably KNOW that demand is high for the sold-out element, and will price it accordingly when they ARE ready to sell - and when they figure there are enough people searching for it that it will command a high price. So it may not be a really good strategy to purchase one element of the set assuming you'll be able to pick up the other element easily. On the other hand, if you don't really care about the element you won't get, then by all means, go ahead and purchase the available piece! You may still get a lot of use from it anyway!

And in the hopes of calming some of your potential fears (and your wallet's moaning), I have listed below the items that will be carrying over at least until the spring, and perhaps may even appear IN the 2019- 2020 Annual Catalog. So even though these items may go on temporary backorder from time to time, they'll still be available eventually for some months to come:

Holiday Catalog Products that are Carrying Over 

Sprig Punch

So that leads us to Strategy Tip #2: Don't feel compelled to grab the above items immediately - unless you plan to use them in the near future, of course. Instead,  apply today's stampin' dollars towards something that's likely to disappear soon. (Exception to this rule: If you don't yet have the $10 "Take Your Pick" tool, I recommend getting it now - so you can USE it now! It'll make some of the fine detail-y work a *whole* lot easier!)


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