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Update on Holiday Catalog product inventories

It's always a bit gut-wrenching to learn that inventories of products in a catalog are running low... and when it's one of our seasonal catalogs, it's even tougher. But we have learned that inventories of a number of items in the Holiday Catalog have already sold out, and others are nearing depletion. Please take a look at the following 3 categories and determine whether any of these items are still on your wish list... and if so, you might want to consider putting in an order for them sooner, rather than later. 


Click here for items already sold out and noted in a prior post 


Additional items recently sold out

No longer available 

Items in danger of running out shortly, and will NOT be carrying over to a future catalog

(Grab 'em quick!)


Current supplies are low (or even possibly depleted), but product WILL carry over to a future catalog

(Consider getting later unless you need it this season)


I always hate to be the bearer of news such as this, but once again this circumstance emphasizes the popularity of Stampin' Up!® products, and underscores the importance of ordering early in the season for both our Holiday and Occasions Catalogs!

If there's ANYTHING left on your wishlist from the 2018 Holiday Catalog, I encourage you to consider ordering it now. And in the event your favorite seasonal products are already sold out, please remember there are still lots of winter holiday items in the 2018 - 2019 Annual Catalog as well. Find 'em on pages 92 - 103, and in the Holidays section of my online store.

And don't forget about the beautiful Snowflake Showcase products available ONLY during November - and only while supplies last! (As of the time I'm writing this, the only item from that collection sold out so far is the package of White Velvet paper.)


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