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Update on Holiday Catalog product inventories

Can sales really be *too* strong?

Is there such a thing as sales being too strong?

Yep! With the high popularity and demand for Stampin' Up! products, they sure can be! And unfortunately that often results in backorders, and in some cases even the early discontinuance of an item... especially if it's seasonal in theme and won't be held over into the annual catalog. So you'll find that this most often affects products exclusive to either the Holiday or Occasions (Spring) catalogs... when they sell out ahead of forecast, yet won't be able to be restocked before the catalog expires. 

And so, we've already got our first items discontinued from the 2018 Holiday Catalog. Now, I understand that if you already have any of these 3 items on backorder, Stampin' Up! will work to fulfill your order eventually. But if you haven't already ordered these items, their ordering codes have now been turned off.

If you'd like to update your catalog to reflect this, you'll find these products on pages 13, 19 and 29, respectively. 

Now discontinued from the 2018 Holiday Catalog: 

Please remember that this is why I encourage everyone to order your most favorite items early in the season as a new catalog goes live.

And here's a tip to remember: As a general rule, stamp sets will remain available longer than dies and other accessories might, because Stampin' Up! manufactures stamp sets in-house. So although a stamp set might remain on backorder status for a while, it can usually (ultimately) be manufactured to demand. I hope this tidbit of background knowledge will help you plan your purchases to avoid the disappointment of not being able to get something you've got your heart set on! ;-)


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