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Black Friday (and beyond) Bonus Bags

So what's better than an Online Extravaganza that offers a chance to get almost any item from the 2018 - 2019 Annual Catalog at a 10% discount?

Well, how does an extra Black Friday (and beyond) Bonus Bag on top of that sound? Here's how that's gonna work:


See these envelopes? I actually have 10 of 'em. And they're each packed with various types of retired products. Stamp sets, cardstock, DSP, embossing folders, accessories, some left-over sample cards, etc.  That kind of stuff. But you don't know *which* envelope has *what* in it. And you *won't* know, until YOURS arrives in your mailbox!

How do you GET one of these envelopes, you might wonder? Well, during Stampin' Up!'s Online Extravaganza (Friday, Nov. 23 - Tues. Nov. 28), you'll be able to choose one of these envelopes for each $50 in product you order (through me, of course). This offer will continue throughout the Online Extravaganza dates until all 10 envelopes have been chosen, OR until Online Extravaganza ends, whichever occurs first.  Envelopes will be chosen in a first-come, first-served manner. Meaning that as qualifying $50+ orders come in, I will email you and ask you which numbered envelope(s) you'd like. The sooner you get back to me with the answer, the more likely you are to get the envelope(s) you requested. 

If all goes ok with my schedule, I expect to get the first round of these into the mail on Monday, with the final batch probably going out next Thursday. 

I'm super-excited to do this, and I hope you'll be just as excited to see what's in your "Black Friday (and beyond) Bonus Bag", too! 

But wait! Just in case you're wondering why they're called "Bonus Bags" when they're clearly NOT bags, but rather envelopes? Well, initially I wanted to actually offer literal "grab bags", and I thought "Black Friday (and beyond) Bonus Bags" would roll right off the tongue. But then I realized that the cost and hassle of packing and mailing ten 3D "bags" like that would be ridiculous. And basically prohibitive. So the "bags" are now envelopes. Or the envelopes are pretending to be bags.


Tips to maximize Online Extravaganza

And while I'm on the subject of Online Extravaganza again, have you seen the 3 tips I've published on my Facebook page recently to help you maximize this upcoming Online Extravaganza? Here are the 3 tips I've shared there:

  1. Save on the minimum s/h fee by combining your order with 1 or more local friends. Instead of each of you paying the full minimum (potentially 3 times over the course of the sale days), you can split that minimum fee among 2 or more people by submitting one order.
  2. Plan what you will order WHEN. Use the 3 date-specific categories found here (https://bit.ly/2zm8Vo5) to plan which dates you'll order WHAT.
  3. Will you (plus any local friend(s) that you might be combining orders with) be ordering a total of $150 or more of product during Online Extravaganza days? If so (or even if you THINK you might), ask me for your own custom Host Code BEFORE you place your very first order. Then, each time you submit an order during the first 4 days of the Extravaganza you'll just input that custom Host Code before you check out, and the ordering system will automatically connect the product amounts of all your orders together.  (COOL, huh?!?) Then when you're ready to submit your order for items from the 3rd category (Nov. 27-28), contact me directly and let *me* submit that final order for you, bringing your total product to at least $150, AND getting you Stampin' Rewards (aka free product) of at least $15 on TOP of it all! Lookie there! "Host" credit without even "hosting" anything!

But remember to get your $50 (or $100, or $150, whatever) orders in early during the Online Extravaganza - because not only are quantities of discounted items limited, but I've also ONLY got 10 surprise Bonus Bags (er, "envelopes") to send out! 

Now let the fun begin! Stock up on some of the basics and other items on your wish list + save 10% + grab a "grab bag disguised as an envelope"! 


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