2018 Online Extravaganza REVEALED!

Online extravaganza personalizedI'm SO excited to finally be able to share the details of Stampin' Up!'s 2018 Online Extravaganza! 

Can you believe that over the course of 6 upcoming days (Nov. 23 - 28) almost everything in the Annual Catalog will take its turn at being offered at 10% off?!? How fun is THAT?!?

Ok, now yes, there IS a catch. Note the words in the previous sentence: "almost everything". And of course, I know that you'll naturally want to know what's excluded, right? So here ya go... the list that shows what will NOT be included in this sale. And yes, at first it does look like a long list, but when you consider how many individual items there actually are in the catalog, it's still a pretty modest percentage. Looks to me like it's primarily the pricier items (Big Shot & Stamparatus, for instance), items that generally move quickly and regularly anyway, a few items that might be in questionable supply already, host sets, and bundles.

But everything else? YEP! INCLUDED! 

So what should be your strategy here?

Well, I highly recommend that you begin by downloading this PDF flyer and studying it thoroughly. Note that each part of this sale will feature 2 categories of products - for 2 days. Timing will run from midnight to 11:50 pm (MOUNTAIN TIME) every 2 days, and best pickin's will most certainly be early in each 2-day period. That's because there is already a "safety limit" (my words) of items available at this 10%-off pricing, and when that limit has been reached, that will be *it* for the discount on that product. (Naturally, Stampin' Up! isn't too keen on potentially wiping out our entire inventory of products; you probably already *know* how we have enough challenge keeping supplies of hot stuff in stock anyway, lol!) But if the item shows in my Online Store at discount, then that means you're in luck!

So my recommendation? Grab your catalog and your wish list, and review what's still on your list. Then compare that to the "excluded" list, and to the categories below - to plan out your orders. And remember to shop EARLY in each time-frame!

November 23 - 24

  • Bags
  • Brads & Buttons
  • Cards & Envelopes
  • Cardstock
  • Designer Series Paper
  • Embossing material
  • Glitter
  • Ribbons
  • Twine
  • Specialty Paper
  • Tags
  • Washi Tape

November 25 - 26

  • Stamp sets
  • Project kits
  • Card kits
  • Kit refills
  • Memories & More
  • Punch box kits

November 27 - 28

  • Adhesives
  • Applicators
  • Cleaners
  • Cutting tools
  • Embossing folders
  • Framelits & Thinlits
  • Ink pads
  • Ink refills
  • Markers
  • Punches
  • Scoring tools
  • Stamp blocks & cases

Happy shopping!

PS: If you'd please apply my current host code as you check out [the current code is always available at the link up at the top of this or any page on my www.YourPaperDreams.com website ], I'd be most appreciative! Thanks so much! :-)

Update on Holiday Catalog product inventories

It's always a bit gut-wrenching to learn that inventories of products in a catalog are running low... and when it's one of our seasonal catalogs, it's even tougher. But we have learned that inventories of a number of items in the Holiday Catalog have already sold out, and others are nearing depletion. Please take a look at the following 3 categories and determine whether any of these items are still on your wish list... and if so, you might want to consider putting in an order for them sooner, rather than later. 


Click here for items already sold out and noted in a prior post 


Additional items recently sold out

No longer available 

Items in danger of running out shortly, and will NOT be carrying over to a future catalog

(Grab 'em quick!)


Current supplies are low (or even possibly depleted), but product WILL carry over to a future catalog

(Consider getting later unless you need it this season)


I always hate to be the bearer of news such as this, but once again this circumstance emphasizes the popularity of Stampin' Up!® products, and underscores the importance of ordering early in the season for both our Holiday and Occasions Catalogs!

If there's ANYTHING left on your wishlist from the 2018 Holiday Catalog, I encourage you to consider ordering it now. And in the event your favorite seasonal products are already sold out, please remember there are still lots of winter holiday items in the 2018 - 2019 Annual Catalog as well. Find 'em on pages 92 - 103, and in the Holidays section of my online store.

And don't forget about the beautiful Snowflake Showcase products available ONLY during November - and only while supplies last! (As of the time I'm writing this, the only item from that collection sold out so far is the package of White Velvet paper.)

Can sales really be *too* strong?

Is there such a thing as sales being too strong?

Yep! With the high popularity and demand for Stampin' Up! products, they sure can be! And unfortunately that often results in backorders, and in some cases even the early discontinuance of an item... especially if it's seasonal in theme and won't be held over into the annual catalog. So you'll find that this most often affects products exclusive to either the Holiday or Occasions (Spring) catalogs... when they sell out ahead of forecast, yet won't be able to be restocked before the catalog expires. 

And so, we've already got our first items discontinued from the 2018 Holiday Catalog. Now, I understand that if you already have any of these 3 items on backorder, Stampin' Up! will work to fulfill your order eventually. But if you haven't already ordered these items, their ordering codes have now been turned off.

If you'd like to update your catalog to reflect this, you'll find these products on pages 13, 19 and 29, respectively. 

Now discontinued from the 2018 Holiday Catalog: 

Please remember that this is why I encourage everyone to order your most favorite items early in the season as a new catalog goes live.

And here's a tip to remember: As a general rule, stamp sets will remain available longer than dies and other accessories might, because Stampin' Up! manufactures stamp sets in-house. So although a stamp set might remain on backorder status for a while, it can usually (ultimately) be manufactured to demand. I hope this tidbit of background knowledge will help you plan your purchases to avoid the disappointment of not being able to get something you've got your heart set on! ;-)

Musings on a Sunday morning


Yesterday was my 5th consecutive year hosting a booth at the Post Falls High School Craft Fair. And the first year that I really began to feel like a veteran there. You see, it's a little bit of a challenge to break into a new event such as this. I still remember breaking in to local booth events back on Whidbey Island (WA): at first a series of several single-day, small holiday-focused fairs, then the weekend-long Uniquely Whidbey Business Expo (before the event was sadly discontinued), and eventually the 4-day Island County Fair. Always feeling like the "new kid on the block" for the first several years... until eventually, you come to understand the "vibe", develop a following, and feel at ease. I guess this was that year for me. And it feels pretty cool.

While I've done several other holiday-ish events since moving here to North Idaho several years ago, this has turned out to be the only one I've participated in for these 5 consecutive years. Why? Well first off, it's technically within walking distance of my home. (Not while hauling 3 carloads of "stuff", but you know what I mean by "walking distance", lol.) And I think given it's practically in my backyard, it would feel pretty odd NOT to be represented there as a local crafter! So there's that little thing... 

But beyond that, this event is established and well-organized, with a good following and reputation. And believe me, I've been doing these gigs for enough decades to understand the critical importance of THOSE elements, too. 

As usual for this event, yesterday was SLAMMED first thing in the morning. Doors often open a few minutes ahead of schedule (which, granted, creates a bit of a challenge for those of us still tending to the final fussy details of set-up), but within only moments of the doors opening, the aisles are filled nearly to capacity and buzzing with excitement. This first wave of shoppers are serious. Almost all my financial transactions for the day occur during this first hour. It's exhilarating, and the time FLIES by! But I always feel a little bit wistful by the end of that hour that there's just not been quite enough of me to go around during the frenzy. Questions have come from all directions, and there's hardly been time to share the focus points I'd prepared, nor (especially) to actually relate to people on a human level as I'd like to. It's like "all hands on deck"... except I've only got two hands! And for that first hour, two are hardly enough.

And then the next couple of hours are a bit more relaxed and fun. There's still fairly strong interest from the crowd, and I get a chance to chat a bit more with guests, and showcase my planned featured products. Thankfully, the past couple of years I've had several people from the initial crowd drop back by during this timeframe, so I get a chance to reconnect a little more personally with them before the crowd thins to a trickle of casual strollers just past noon. (This is the point in an event of this type where we start chatting with our neighboring vendors, discovering their crafty talents and products, and sharing ideas to consider implementing in future years.)

This year I had chosen the magical Stamparatus for my demonstration product, and as I'd expected, it did indeed charm a whole LOTTA folk.... including those who at first weren't all that interested because they already owned a "M****" (which is a competing brand of stamp positioner, although retailing at a higher price for a more limited range of features). So it was really fun to show what THIS positioner could do... even though I kept it pretty basic and never even ventured into some of its fancier tricks.

But the #1 attention-getter out of the entire day was far and away this card...


...featuring elements of the Snowflake Showcase, of course. Photography doesn't do it justice, but it features such a beautiful die, simply partnered with classic blue and silver, and the pop and sparkle of glimmer paper. (BTW, this is one of the tutorials I'll send you by email around mid-November when you purchase *any* of the Snowflake Showcase products through me by then.)

Finally, I was blessed to have had my brother and my son (and even grandson) help with the muscle power of setup and take-down this year, so that went amazingly smoothly and left me far less physically exhausted than I usually am. I am SO grateful to all 3 of my guys for that!

Uh-Oh. Warning: approaching personal side jaunt for a couple of paragraphs...

Some of you may know that several months ago I decided it was high time to put some serious attention towards my health - which, due to other obligations in life, had kinda been relegated to the back burner in recent years. So the time had come that I was ready to not only shed some of the heft that had accumulated in places that I realized were particularly unhealthy, but to also make the types of changes that could address other facets of health as I plow into my "more senior" years as well. So after much studying, I headed towards low-carb, and specifically the ketogenic way of eating. Almost 3 months later, in spite of some minor bumps along the way, it's proven to be exactly what I needed. And the more I learn and observe how my body has responded, the more I grow convinced of that... and the more I yearn to learn even more. So I read, and listen to podcasts and YouTube interviews with amazing experts in the field - as often as I possibly can.   

This morning I was watching a recent video interview with Dr. Dominic D'Agostino, and as the interview was coming to a close, he was asked for his "#1 thing" that would make the biggest positive change on someone's health, and his answer evolved around relationships. "Get your relationships right", he advised. And schedule in "creative downtime" with people who matter to you. Further, he advised being passionate about something that can help or serve others.


That comment reminded me instantly about why I've been with Stampin' Up! for this many years! I, like so many other long-time demonstrators, came into Stampin' Up! because of the products. Because of the fun, creative outlet. But we've stayed because of the people. The tribes we've built while we've been doing this. And I *particularly* count among my "peeps" - my team members and customers. People I interact with on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. People who sit around the stamp table with me, or those who WOULD still be sitting around the stamp table with me if I hadn't moved away from them - or they away from me. People who show up to class in a rotten mood and leave with a smile on their faces. People who follow me on the web, and comment or "like" whatever I share, even when their own lives are busy and they don't need to. And those team members from across the country who participate in our online events and activities - and generously share ideas with the rest of us. These are people I've come to know personally at least at some level, and they've woven themselves into the fabric of my life... and I'd like to think it's mutual.

So back to my craft fair booth of yesterday...

Yesterday I heard several stories that, interestingly, I hadn't heard before. Stories told in different words, but with the same basic theme. From ladies who lamented that they'd sold or given away the stamp supplies they'd collected and used sometime in the past. Because NOW they were recognizing that that part of their lives had really been about more than stamps, ink and paper - it was about friendships they'd developed along the way. And now that they'd separated themselves from that activity (and those people), they realized they were seriously missing that part of their lives.

And I totally understand that.

So while I can't help them regain those exact same connections, I'd love to help them create new ones. So of course I invited them to join us at OUR monthly classes, and I hope they will.

If you're reading this and you were one who shared a similar story with me yesterday, please DO come hang with us on the 4th Tuesday of most every month (except December, which will be on the 11th). We'd love to welcome you back. Come sit around the stampin' table again and become part of our stampin' tribe!

Snowflake Showcase

Snowflake virtual swap card - w my wm
Do you love snowflakes at Christmastime as much as I do?

Sweet, sparkling snowflakes evoke the nostalgia of a "white Christmas" - even when the reality of snow manages to complicate certain elements and transportation logistics of our modern-day lives. (Like even GETTING to Grandma's house in time for Christmas dinner, for instance. And especially if there might be mountains involved between oneself and one's destination.) Nevertheless, we love the concept of the silent and pristine white blanket all around... and the beautiful patterns snowflakes make, whether individually or en masse. 

So, if you're a snowflake lover like I am, I'll bet you'll be thrilled with what Stampin' Up! has created for us this month!

"Snowflake Showcase" is an exclusive set of 5 products designed to appeal specifically to those of us who count ourselves among snowflake-admirers. These 5 items will be available for the month of November only - and only while supplies last. No, they're not in any catalog, but will be available through the online store as long as inventories hold out. (Or until November 30th, whichever occurs first.)

This gorgeous collection consists of 2 stamp sets, a set of dies, and a couple of accessory items. No bundled pricing this time around... which means that you can pick and choose your favorites - as long as they're still available. And if one item runs out, there won't be concerns about having to 86 an entire bundle just because that item might have been part of it.

For those of you young-uns who might be reading this, waaaayyyy back when I used to wait tables in a restaurant, the term "86" meant to delete a menu item because we'd run out of it. It wasn't uncommon on a busy dinner shift to hear a cook holler out from the kitchen, "86 the bakers!" Which meant we servers were not to take any more orders for baked potatoes because we'd just run out of them.

Now, according to Google, that term isn't used much anymore these days - not even in restaurants. Frankly, I don't know if that's true or not (kinda makes me wonder what they holler out *nowadays* when they run out of baked potatoes, lol), but I've continued to use the term, and I've heard it used a number of times outside of restaurant-speak over the years, as well.

(This piece of restaurant nostalgia brought to you by Denny's, cir. early 1970's.)

Ok, so back to the Snowflake Showcase...

Here are the 5 fun products that are part of this exclusive opportunity. Note that the die set includes shapes that coordinate with each of the stamp sets, and that amazing set of dies includes 20 of 'em!

And hang onto your stocking caps, 'cuz you won't want to miss the white velveteen sheets, either!


Now, I've got something else in store for you, too! About mid-November, I'll be sending out a special email to everyone who has purchased even one item from this collection (through me, of course), and this email will be filled with Snowflake Showcase project ideas - including the step-by-step tutorials for each one of 'em! 

So THERE is a very good idea for ordering your Snowflake Showcase products early in the month. But here's another...

Remember I said that they'd only be available "while supplies last"? Well, we already know these are going to be popular! Which means the odds of one or more of the items running out of supply is likely. So the earlier in the month you order yours, the greater the likelihood you'll get your hands on the items your heart is set on. (AND the longer you'll have to use your new goodies this winter season, too!)

So in case you haven't noticed, I don't recommend waiting very long to get your favorites from the Snowflake Showcase.  In fact, you can do it right now at store.YourPaperDreams.com!

And then keep an eye out for your special email filled with project ideas - arriving around the middle of November!

November's Desktop Wallpaper/Calendar is ready to download

2018 - 11 - November - tinified
Well, it's certainly looking like fall-heading-towards-winter here in North Idaho. Day after day of low cloud cover, fairly regular periods of rain, and very cool temperatures. The sun seems to have headed off on an extended vacation, and last week I finally broke down and turned on my heat. Knowing that in just a few more days sunset will be inching closer and closer to the middle of the afternoon, I find myself hungering right now for light and warmth.  
My monthly desktop wallpaper background not only offers you a pretty seasonal picture to brighten your computer monitor, but also includes a handy monthly calendar and serves as a cheat sheet reference to websites you may want to know about and visit.  And it's even FREE to download and install, so please don't hesitate to share this page with your friends and family.
You'll probably want to consult your own computer operating system's installation instructions, but installing the background image on my Windows 10 system takes just 3 quick steps - and less than a minute. It's super-duper easy-peasy!
  1. I download and save the image to my computer - from the link just above that starts with "Click HERE". (NOT from the picture that appears at the top of this post!)  TIP:  To "download" the full-resolution image once it's open (from Google Drive where it's stored), I click on the downward-pointing arrow. THAT is what actually begins the download process to my computer.
  2. Once the file has been downloaded, named and saved to my computer's hard drive, I open it. 
  3. Then I right-click on the image and select "Set as" > "Set as Background"..... then right-click again and select "Set as" > "Set as Lock screen". And poof! That's all there is to it! (For convenience, I install this on both my desktop system as well as my laptop.)
And in case you may have an operating system OTHER than Windows 10, these tips may help with installation:
Finally, please keep in mind that the format of my monthly picture is designed for most modern-day 16:9 monitors (a common format for monitors and HD TV's since about 2009), oriented in landscape format. (1920 x 1080 pixels.) If you're working with an older monitor (one that is more square-ish in format), or your monitor is set up in portrait format, the picture will probably not work for you. Sorry 'bout that.

Happy 30th Birthday, Stampin' Up!

Birthday Sale

Wow! 30 Years! Thru thick and thin. Thru all the ups and downs of national economies, natural and man-caused disasters, and an exceptionally ill-timed UPS strike! And I'm both amazed and proud to have been part of the adventure for 3/4 of those years!

Many (most?) of you have already heard my story: 

I was invited to a "stamp" party by my best friend - way back in January of 1996. As I had nothing else to do that night, and after all it was being hosted by my BEST friend, and yeah, I did use stamps up in the right-hand corner of all the envelopes I mailed out regularly (remember, this was back in the days when you hand-wrote checks to pay your bills and mailed them through the postal system), so I showed up, figuring I'd could buy some stamps from her party 'cuz I used 'em practically every day anyway!

Well, man-o-man was I ever in for a surprise! The party didn't turn out to be about POSTAGE stamps, it was about ART stamps! Decorative stamps, which, when combined with beautiful colors of ink, could turn plain white cardstock into an absolute work of art! 

Back in those days the only person at such an event who ever touched the goodies was the demonstrator, so I never laid a finger on a stamp that night. But I left that party already knowing I was a rubber stamper. I was totally over the moon - without ever even having touched a stamp or ink pad. In fact, I was SO excited I confess to having immediately hunted down a "stamp" store in town so I could get my first "fix" before my Stampin' Up! order even arrived!

But 4 months later, I was a demonstrator. Getting a discount on everything I purchased through Stampin' Up!, so my retail stamp store infatuation faded real quick.

My plan was to purchase a personal party's worth of stamps each month for 6 months. (Back then a "qualifying party" to earn you free host product, was $100.) So I would purchase $100 worth of product (at discount) AND get free host goodies every month - for those 6 months - and then quit. Surely $600-worth of supplies would provide all the stampin' supplies I'd ever need in a lifetime, right? 

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to my quitting date. I made the "mistake" of attending a Stampin' Up! Convention, and absolutely fell head over heels in love with the COMPANY! So instead of coming home and quitting, I came home and planned an open house. And the next 2+ decades of my life took an amazing, but unpredicted, turn.

Fast forward more than 22 years, and Stampin' Up! has touched the lives of almost everyone I know these days, in one form or another. I've moved to new states twice (which means I've "started" my business 3 times). And life has changed, too. When I first started out, my son (then about 12 years old) went with me to every party. He was my right-hand man, carried and set up my gear, spoke of the world's colors in Stampin' Up! lingo, knew the names of all the products, sorted and bagged orders for me, and even eventually learned how to submit orders for me. But eventually, he grew up. A busy high school schedule, college, then marriage, and now 3 kids. And most recently, my life has included several years of caring for aging parents, which has significantly impacted the time I've had available to attend to my stampin' business. So now I'm rebooting it yet AGAIN, lol.

Along the way, our forms of "demonstration" have evolved, too. I still do hands-on classes, which I love, and David still helps me set up for booth events when he can, but much of my daily work is now done over the internet. I have a team of demonstrators who live in several different states, so when we "meet", it's online. Who'd have envisioned THAT back in 1996?!?!

But here we are.... still creating art with stamps and ink, and still looking forward to the future. Do I dare wonder what even 10 years from NOW might look like?

Birthday Sale - 1

So! Birthdays call for celebrations, don't they?!? And for Stampin' Up!'s 30th birthday, what would make more sense than a SALE on stamps?!? So that's exactly what they're doing - for 24 hours only - Tuesday, October 23rd. (Note, those are MOUNTAIN TIME hours!) So check your wishlists and help yourself - at store.YourPaperDreams.com 

Birthday Sale - 2

September's Paper Pumpkin Kit - Spookily Cute!

Ok, I've never made a big secret out of the fact that I'm not exactly a Halloween fan. I have no affinity for some of the blood and gore that's become popular over the years, nor for teens or even adults trick-or-treating door to door. 

But when I was young, we dressed in elaborate animal costumes that Mom had sewn for us from fake fur, and it was tons of fun to trick-or-treat until we hit somewhere around age 10 or so. (At which time we were still permitted to dress in costume, but then became the candy-hander-outers at our own front door.)

Nonetheless, I am still charmed by the "cute" element of little kids dressed in darling costumes, as well as friends sharing seasonal treats with one another. And I always appreciate the "gentler" way in which Stampin' Up!® presents Halloween. 

This year's Halloween Paper Pumpkin kit (the September box) was fun from the get-go. Packed in a special shiny black box adorned with white spiders and webs, it teased me to open it right away. Granted, it's taken me a while to complete the projects, as I've only worked on them for a few minutes at a time ('cuz I figured I really had until late October before I actually needed to complete them anyway). But the more progress I made, the more I grinned. These treat bags toppers are just too adorable! Anyway, at the time I'm writing this, I've got all the elements assembled as far as I can go - until I hit up the candy aisle at my local store in the next day or so and decide what treats will go into these little bags.

All 24 of them! 

YES! This kit had supplies to make 24 treat bags! Talk about a generous kit! Everything was included that I needed to assemble these, except for the treats themselves. (Well, I did also use Stampin' Up!'s newest must-have tool, the "Take Your Pick" tool, (page 30 of your Holiday Catalog), and of course my current VERY favorite tool, the Stamparatus.) And the bonus is that there are STILL elements left over that I'll be able to use on additional cards or other projects!

Now, are you perhaps wishing you might be able to make these delightful little treat bags, too? Well, for those of you who for one reason or another didn't get September's kit, OR for those of you who got the kit but wish you could make more than 24 treat bags, I've got good news for ya. As of today (while supplies last, of course), both the full kits and refill kits, are available in my online store - for current Paper Pumpkin subscribers to purchase. But what if you're not already a current subscriber? Well, I've gotcha covered with that; you can fix that dilemma in just a couple of minutes right here. 

The full kit includes everything that subscribers received in September - including the stamp set, ink, and consumables... while the refill kit includes only the consumable stuff to make 24 additional bags.

Stampin' Up!'s Paper Pumpkin kits seem to get better and better every month, and there's always a huge buzz of excitement online every month as we subscribers scurry to our mailboxes for our first glimpse of that month's craft project. Why not join the fun?!? If you're not yet a subscriber, now's a great time to jump in because.... not only will you be able to purchase THIS kit at my online store right now, but rumor has it that the upcoming kit (which will ship around mid-November) will help out with that Christmas card thing. And who couldn't use a little help in THAT department, too?

Oh! And the October kit? It's "in the mail" as they say; about to show up in our mailboxes any day now, and MAY offer a refill kit at my online store in a couple of weeks, too. And as a subscriber, you'd be able to purchase that kit, too.

Want to learn more about either September's Halloween kit OR the "Take Your Pick" tool? Be sure to watch the video at the top of this post!