Happy World Card-Making Day!

World Card-Making Day
Happy World Card-Making Day to all my Stampin' Friends! Today's the day we set aside some time from our usual busy schedules to make (and send) some cards.... and enjoy the special connection to other card-makers around the world who are doing the same.

Additionally, I host an annual Virtual Retreat so my team, along with THEIR friends and customers from across the USA, can be even a little MORE connected while we create our cards this weekend. If you're reading this and you fit in that definition of attendees, please join us in our private retreat FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/118681528846590/.

When you ask to join, there'll be 3 quick questions to answer (to ensure you're a real, authorized invitee and not a troll, lol), and then I'll admit you to our private group.

BTW, this set of crate + 4 cards & envelopes was one of the retreat prizes won so far.... and the Wood Textures Designer Series Paper stack is available this month as part of the "Buy 3; get 1 free" Designer Series Paper offer !

Crate + 4 cards

 Main project supplies 

Carols of Christmas - Early Release

Carols of Christmas

I'm so excited about the Carols of Christmas stamp set and coordinating dies! It's an "early-release" opportunity - available a whole month before the upcoming Holiday Catalog goes live! So even though everyone other than demonstrators will have to wait until September to get their hands on most of the Holiday Catalog yumminess, THIS set of stamps and/or coordinating dies is available to purchase and work with right NOW!

And what a fabulous choice this is for an early release! Whether your design needs lean towards quick and easy, or more towards elegant and classy, "Carols of Christmas" can fill the bill. My favorite features include the fact that the stamp set has not one, but TWO large word images (if you haven't yet discovered the awesomeness of making lovely quick cards with these big words that are so popular now, you really should!), and I simply adore the die that creates an elegant border for the perfect finish on your card front!

And speaking of versatility, that same border would be perfect on a wedding card or invitation, or featured on a scrapbook page..... and of course the tree dies can serve long after the holiday season is but a memory, too.

You can choose either the "Carols of Christmas" stamp set alone (in either wood-mount or clear-mount), or the "Card Front Builder Thinlits Dies" set alone. But of course the absolute best option is to get them both as a bundle and save 10% in the process. 

 Here's a quick video peek at the stamp set and its dies:

 But wait! Would you like to save $5, $10, $15 or even more on this bundle? Then be sure to redeem the Bonus Days coupon(s) you earned in July! Simply enter the code(s) that were emailed to you after you placed your "$50-or-more" order(s) last month, and you'll get $5 off for each code! Click the image below to download instructions for redeeming at my online store, or contact me to submit your order for ya.

Prefer to purchase stamp sets & dies individually? Here ya go! 


BTW, did you know that Stampin' Up!® demonstrators get to order their products from the upcoming Holiday Catalog a month early? And you could too, if you joined us! Contact me with any questions, or "Just do it", as they say, at: join.YourPaperDreams.com!

Sale-a-Bration half-time... and 3 new freebies added

UPDATE as of 3-20-2017:

Well, what did I predict about the glimmer paper not making it to the end of Sale-a-Bration?!? (See original post, below.) Apparently I was correct!

SAB sold out

Jeepers-creepers! How'd it get to be the mid-point of Sale-a-Bration already?!? 

Well believe it or not, it IS! And as of today, Stampin' Up! has released 3 more freebie items to choose from with each $50 order. 

Check out all 3 new Sale-a-Bration freebie choices here, and then earn one with each $50 order at my online store.

 And take a look at MY favorite of the 3! Isn't this new glimmer paper just to DIE for?!? And can you believe it's even FREE! (But word to the wise:  I wouldn't plan on it being available all the way to the end of Sale-a-Bration.... hint! hint!)

Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Online Extravaganza

Black Friday Fun

Happy Day-after-Thanksgiving!

And Black Friday, too!

SCROLL DOWN TO SKIP TO THE BLACK FRIDAY FUN if you don't want to read about my Thanksgiving!

My son and I did a Thanksgiving-dinner-to-go  to take over to my folks' apartment yesterday. There were only going to be 4 of us (son's wife and kiddos had gone out of town to be with her family for a change this year, but he works for the postal service and it's holiday time, so he couldn't go with 'em), so I'd figured how complicated could this be, right? But oh my gosh - the logistics - another whole story! I don't know whatever made me think that would be "easier" than just going out to dinner somewhere, but in spite of the work, I'm glad we did it. 

First off, my folks' apartment's cooking equipment basically amounts to a single-plate-size microwave. Well, there's also a 2-slice toaster and a cute miniature oven about the size of my grandkids' play kitchen. Not sure it would even accommodate a regular muffin tin, and since it's never been turned on in the entire year+ that they've lived there, I wasn't real comfortable with the idea of "testing it out" on Thanksgiving Day..... given that their smoke detector has already proven a bit on the sensitive side and the place was running on skeleton staff. So we opted for a "carry in" dinner instead.

So let's set the scene: Think of fixing a Thanksgiving dinner in a one-butt kitchen with m-a-y-be two square feet of counter space (that is, assuming no dirty dishes are occupying any of that precious space). Ok, so that's where it really began. Oh, by the way, that's the description of *my* place, lol. Given the circumstances, I'd thought it would be smart to bake the pumpkin pie, prepare the stuffing, and cook the sweet potatoes here at home. THEN go over to my son's place because they have a real-size oven over there - which could actually accommodate a turkey. (Thank goodness he was willing to handle that part of the meal!) 

I'd purchased a Thanksgiving Dinner kit from the local grocery store, and picking that up on Wednesday went without a hitch, so I thought we were on a roll. (Uh, no pun intended; sorry.)

The purchased dinner included a fully-cooked turkey (just heat and eat..... yeah, right), and a number of side dishes - all ready to warm up in the microwave. Oh, and a pumpkin pie just the perfect size for 4. (Mind you, this meal was marketed as 10 - 12 servings, but why pick over details, eh?)  Well, Mom likes "homemade" stuffing (her recipe, which, granted, IS delicious), and homemade pumpkin pie and some type of secondary pie .... and the candied sweet potatoes I fix..... so sure, I'll do those too. 

So I prepared all those things, packed them up (stuffing and sweet potatoes at perfect "sit down and eat 'em right now" temperature), and headed over to my son's to heat up the rest of the stuff. Oh, but wait! Apparently "heating" the bird takes as long as roasting one from scratch, so there was going to be an unexpected delay in the timeline. Ok. A quick phone call over to the folks and we can be flexible. And besides, when was the last time I got a chance to have an actual conversation with my son - solo?!?

But how do we keep everything else warm in the meantime? And the "just heat in the microwave" instructions for everything else would mean that cycling everything through would lead to the first dishes being cold again by the time the last were ready. Ok, so I took the stove-top/oven route vs microwave. So everything could go in based on when we wanted it to come out. Green bean casserole that was included in the dinner package got set aside due to an ingredient that would create an allergy situation. Thankfully, replacement ingredients were located on site, and required casserole got recreated from scratch.  Turkey got carved and arranged on a platter (and "test-tasted" along the way, of course). Sides came out of the oven at appropriate time, and overall everything was going great. UNTIL we realized we had an entire kitchen full of Thanksgiving dishes all hot and ready to serve - that (YIKES!) needed to be packed and transported over to the next town. And there were no handy empty boxes on site, of course, thanks to a recent recycle run in an effort to clean out the garage! 

So we were exactly 1 hour late in arriving at our destination. And then all 4 of us began scurrying around in the approximately 16 or so square feet of space that encompasses Mom and Dad's cooking/serving/eating area (trying really hard not to knock each other over and add an emergency-room trip to the agenda), and eventually got all the food unpacked (although it was by now no longer at serving temperature), and reloaded it all into the pretty serving dishes that Mom had set out. Ultimately we decided to load our plates and reheat (ala "leftovers" style) one-plate-at-a-time in the microwave. 

A little shy of "tradition", but dinner proved delicious and it was a lovely time together.

And then it was time to do the dishes. Uh-oh. Another detail I'd largely overlooked.... although I HAD remembered to bring extra dish towels. But comparing Mom & Dad's itty-bitty sink (that's just perfect for a couple coffee cups, 2 cereal bowls and 2 spoons) against the mountain of dirty dishes we'd just created with this endeavor..... AND given that everyone except Mom was by now sweating profusely because of the built-up heat in the place), Son and I looked at each other and immediately knew we needed to pack the dishes out and wash them elsewhere. So we stacked 'em up, packed 'em out and carried 'em home. Back to his place where we "kind of" sorted stuff and portioned out the leftovers that we hadn't left for Mom & Dad, and divided the dishes to be done. And then I brought my share home in a mammoth tote bag - and set it down. Put the food away and literally fell into bed, knowing I'd be in a better frame of mind to face the dishes this morning.

All told, it was fun. And I'm glad we did it. But our "oh, it's only 4 of us and we'll even buy a dinner-to-go kit to keep it simple" without a doubt turned into the most complex Thanksgiving dinner that I've ever experienced! There was certainly enough food for 4, though. A wonderfully moist turkey that could have easily served 8 or more, 3 pies, 2 kinds of stuffing, 3 kinds of cranberries, 2 green bean casseroles (although we scrapped and didn't serve the original one), mashed potatoes & gravy, candied sweet potatoes, a dozen rolls (of which we used only 2), pumpkin bread, and 4 different beverages to choose from - all made for PLENTY of food!

Would I do it again? Well, at this point I honestly can't say. The food prep turned out to be the easy part, actually. But the transporting, serving and cleaning-up kinks kind of overshadowed the rest in my mind. But give me another year to think on it. Once I go tackle those dirty, dried-on dishes!


So yeah, there really IS a Stampin' Up! connection to this post! It's not only Black Friday, but Stampin' Up's Online Extravaganza continues through this upcoming Monday (the 28th), when it concludes with another 24-hour Flash Sale!

You can see the items on the Extravaganza here, and the stamp sets that have been available all month for 25% off here

But if THAT's not enough, here's the rundown of what *I'm* offering for my Black Friday and November customers:

Cookie Cutter Christmas

  1. I will be sending the tutorial for this stocking stuffer project to everyone on my mailing list and/or my customer VIP Facebook group. Look for that complimentary tutorial before day's end.
  2. Everyone who has a total of $50 - $74.99 or more in product orders through me Nov. 1 - Nov. 28 will get a "Class-in-the-mail" for this project (consumable materials packet only; does not include the stamps, punch, ink pads or other basic tools) - to make 2 of these stocking stuffer gifts.
  3. Everyone who has a total of $75 - $99.99 or more in product orders through me Nov. 1 - Nov. 28 will get a "Class-in-the-mail" for this project (consumable materials packet only; does not include the stamps, punch, ink pads or other basic tools) - to make 4 of these stocking stuffer gifts.
  4. Everyone who has a total of $100 or more in product  orders through me Nov. 1 - Nov. 28 will get a "Class-in-the-mail" for this project (consumable materials packet only; does not include the stamps, punch, ink pads or other basic tools) - to make 8 of these stocking stuffer gifts!
  5. All orders of $75 or more placed Nov. 25 - 27 will qualify for FREE SHIPPING (within the US, of course), but you MUST contact me by phone or email so I can place your order for you if you want the Free Shipping option. (In other words, do not place your order for this at my online store if you want to use your Free Shipping option!) Sorry, but I cannot make exceptions. 

Online Extravaganza begins in less than an hour!

Do you love Black Friday deals? Then how about 8 whole days of "Black Friday" fun? Well, once again, Stampin' Up!'s gotcha covered!

Online Extravaganza kicks off on Monday, the 21st, beginning at midnight (Mountain Time) with a 24-hour Flash Sale...... and here's what you'll find:


And because pictures are a lot easier to interpret than words....

"Enamel Shapes Bundle" - Only $27.95 (35% off) when purchased in this bundle - available for 24 hours only: 

"Ombre Pads Bundle" - Only $31.50 (30% off) when purchased in this bundle - available for 24 hours only:


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"Gift Bag Punch Board" - Only $14.00 (30% off) - available at this price for 24 hours only : 


"Gift Box Punch Board" - only $14.00 (30% off) - available at this price for 24 hours only:


But hey, why stop there?!? There's more!

In addition to Monday's 24-hour Flash Sale, there are many other items that will remain on sale through the following Monday (Nov. 28) - while supplies last. Download this PDF to see the entire list - with discounts varying from 10% - all the way up to 40%.

And then stay tuned for another 24-hour Flash Sale on Monday, the 28th, AND check out the following stamp sets - also offered at 25% off, too! (Prices shown are before the discount.)


So make out your wishlist, be sure to check it twice, and grab your favorites from both the Annual & Holiday catalogs - with the added advantage of discounts, too. And before inventories of Holiday Catalog products run out!

Shop for yourself here: store.YourPaperDreams.com - or tell your certain someone  (who might need a bit of assistance in getting you just the right holiday gift) to contact me with your wish list- and I'll handle the complex part. (Like typing it in, lol.) 


Fruit Stand Designer Series Paper

DSP Fruit Stand 1 wwm

DSP Fruitstand single wwm

One of my favorite Designer Series papers in the Annual Catalog this year is the Fruit Stand DSP.  And even though we're heading into the season of more subdued colors, I still find myself being pulled back towards the fresh and happy colors of this delicious sherbet-inspired palette!  


So lucky thing, isn't it, that during the month of October, for every 3 ($11 US) packages of Designer Series Paper you choose, you can get the 4th one FREE!?!


Buy 3, Get 1 free


These cards were pretty darn simple to make. Two of the samples feature Pear Pizzaz cardstock for the base, and I used a sponge brayer to apply Peekaboo Peach ink onto thick Whisper White cardstock for the other one. I stamped "Happy Birthday" with Watermelon Wonder onto a piece of Whisper White, and then cut it out with one of the new "Layering Ovals Framelits". A little more Peekaboo Peach ink highlighted the edge.

Fruit stand cardstock 2

The peach itself is just fussy-cut right from the DSP, and then both the oval and the peach are lifted up on Stampin' Dimensionals.... placed onto a piece of the very same Designer Series Paper (actually, the reverse side of the peaches). 

And then a bit of rhinestone bling, and it's done! Just THINK of how many fruit-filled birthday wishes you could make & send with just these very same products!

 Product List 

Sunday Smorgasbord

Well! What a whirlwind this weekend has become! So many things going on in the Stampin' Up! world that I'm really glad I was already focused in that direction and had prepped the family I'd be pretty well tied up for a couple of days. Here's a sampling of some of what's spinning in my life these days...

World Card-Making Day 2016 - FB promo

So technically, yesterday was World Card-Making Day. But this is my 3rd year hosting an online retreat in celebration of the occasion, and last year we expanded the opportunity to my entire team and their customers & friends, too.  So that runs from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon (the first weekend of October) - as a 48 hour long Facebook event - with the focus of everyone creating cards (between our periodic card challenges, chatter & prize patrols)..... and then we see how many cards we can make as a group during those 48 hours! I never personally get very many cards done at this event because most of my time is spent behind the curtain (that is, on the computer coordinating the technical end of it), but things are a bit quiet right now, so I'm stealing away for a few minutes to write THIS, lol.  

Actually, knowing that I wouldn't get much stamping done this particular weekend (so far I've completed a whopping 4 cards, lol) , I held my own personal card-making marathon LAST weekend instead. So although I can't count those in our weekend total, at least I can "feel" like I participated in the push. If you'd like to follow along with parts of our event, check out the Facebook hashtag #YPD-WCMD2016 , and if you attend my classes, purchase through me, or are a FB friend, there's still time to get in on the final few hours of the afternoon (Oct. 2nd)!

And to add further to the plate-juggling of this weekend, our opening day was on the final day of the Stampin' Up! year, and yesterday was the first day of the NEW Stampin' Up! year. And there's a special project some of us demonstrators are working on for tomorrow (Monday), too..... so stay tuned for that. 

But I DID get this "first of the month" task done:

Registration is open - fall


And Stampin' Up! is running a couple of specials I urge you to check out.

(The first one is only available for a few short days, so be quick!)

Designer Tin of Cards Sale

Click here to view at my online store.


Buy 3, Get 1 free

Click here to see the specific paper sets included in this offer.


And if you use my desktop wallpaper calendars on your computer, here's the October one:

image from stamptherock.typepad.com
Here are general instructions for setting this up as your desktop wallpaper - on a Windows 10 computer. (You can probably use it on an older or different system, too, but you'll have to figure that one out yourself. Or ask a kid to help, lol.)  


This quick and simple installation process works for *my* computer and dual-monitor set-up (Windows 10), but it may or may not work for yours:

  1. Click here (or click the image) to access the high-resolution image. (Please do NOT attempt to install the low-resolution image shown above.)
  2. Download/Save the image to your computer.
  3. Follow your usual process for selecting & setting up an image for your desktop background/wallpaper. (On my computer I only have to right-click the saved image and select "Set as desktop background".)

And now I'm headed back to our #YPD-WCMD2016 Virtual Retreat for the final hours of fun! Make today a great one!